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Some aspects of Palpatine's Empire that the Remnant maintained included a strong military and limited venues of public expression. [27] Although the Remnant was a totalitarian regime, [23] it was far more progressive than the Empire had been, abolishing both slavery and anti- alien sentiment. However, the Remnant unobtrusively adhered to the strict tenets of Palpatine's New Order and consequently found itself growing increasingly irrelevant to galactic affairs during the Yuuzhan Vong War. [27] A number of Moffs were killed during the Second Galactic Civil War, [32] and when Jagged Fel was appointed Head of State at the end of the conflict, he negotiated a deal with new Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala which stipulated that half of the new Moffs would be female. [33] Traditionally Imperial Moffs such as Lecersen were uncomfortable with the deal. [34] Further reforms came in 44 ABY when Jagged Fel called a democratic election; he also charged the Imperial News Network with reporting on government affairs at every level in order to ensure complete governmental accountability. [35] The end of the Second Galactic Civil War also saw the pilot Han Solo suggest that the Moffs atone for their war crimes by setting up a mission to aid poverty-stricken worlds; [5] this idea was later realized as the Imperial Mission , born from Jagged Fel's " Victory Without War " initiative. [36] During Fel's leadership, he used "Victory Without War" to expand Imperial territory and influence through peaceful diplomacy. [37]

Ray, the childcare rebate is paid to childcare providers, mostly private businesses. It is not income received by the parents.

As there are not as many childcare places as there are children waiting to go into them, many children are looked after by grandparents while the child's parents are at work.

Of course, there is no childcare rebate paid for this service. The government probably views this as budget savings.

Then the grandparents might be pensioners, so can be considered part of the welfare burden. Neither parents nor grandparents receive any extra income from the childcare package, so there is no extra money to dispose.

Including a government payment to private enterprise as income to a particular family dynamic is a distortion of the reality.

Decanted at the senator

decanted at the senator


decanted at the senatordecanted at the senatordecanted at the senator