Does hcg increase testosterone

It depends on you as only you know how much weight you wish to lose. A single bottle of HCG drops (1 oz) helps in losing around 7 to 12 lbs. The time it takes is a month on average. Therefore, if you wish to lose 50 lbs then we strongly recommend following the diet for at least 4 months in a row. Yes, you need to follow in a row as only then you will be able to lose weight. Skipping the HCG diet every month will throw your system to into chaos as it will forced to choose between fatty food consumption and low calorie consumption. Therefore, before starting your HCG diet plan it accordingly and decide for how long you wish to be on the diet and how much weight is needed to be lost.

Medications and hCG Levels
When it comes to a normal hCG level the only medications that can affect hCG are medications containing hCG. The most common medication affecting hCG are infertility treatments. Infertility drugs will increase the body’s natural hCG levels and thus increase the chance of pregnancy.

Multiples Pregnancy
The blood testing given to a pregnant woman in the beginning stages of prenatal care will often include an hCG test. This test will show larger than normal amounts of hCG if the woman is pregnant with multiples . The more fetuses developing in-utero, the more hCG that will be present in the blood stream.

It is widely thought that hCG levels are a predictor of how far along a pregnancy is in terms of weeks. A more accurate measure of fetal development will occur when the first ultrasound is given. Ultrasounds are a far better predictor of pregnancy stage than hCG levels.

Does hcg increase testosterone

does hcg increase testosterone


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