Effects of testosterone injection

The effects of testosterone are truly amazing as they can affect nearly every aspect of your body. Not only do the effects of testosterone affect you in a physical sense they can also play a massive role on your mental state. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones our body produces; in-fact, without it we would not be able to function to our fullest potential. To understand the effects of testosterone and the hormones importance in the body the best route to take is to look at the benefits the hormone can provide and what occurs when levels fall. When we look at low testosterone this can be very telling, perhaps more so than anything else and as millions of men in the . alone suffer from low level conditions this may be something you want to pay attention to.

It is clear that the effects of TRT appear at different rates (Figure). Although the full benefits of TRT may not appear until after the first year of treatment, improvements in libido, erectile function, mood, depression and quality of life typically occur earlier. This is also true for changes in PSA and haematocrit. Finally, the studies selected for the present analysis provided testosterone treatment that delivered adequate doses and delivery of testosterone. The use of sub-optimal therapeutic regimens or the inappropriate use of TRT in eugonadal men or those with biochemical hypogonadism in the absence of clinical symptoms are likely to show different time courses of effects.

Effects of testosterone injection

effects of testosterone injection


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