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Disadvantages of Flexible Dentures
1. It is not color stable. Its color will change from pink to brown after 3-6 months.
2. Flexible dentures can not be relined. What the dental laboratory will do is rebase the denture. This will be an additional cost for the patient. Reline is necessary for all removable dentures every 1 to 2 years. This is because your bone that supports the dentures undergoes resorption. After 1 year, space forms between the base of the denture and the denture bearing soft tissues that it rests on. Not having them relined will further enhance the bone resorption and cause more problems like flabby tissue.
3. Flexible denture is difficult to adjust. Your dentist needs special skill and experience to adjust it.
4. Flexible dentures are difficult to repair chairside. A longer wait is needed to get them repaired because what your dentist will do is send the dentures to the dental lab.
5. Recurrent sore spots are common. Flexible denture is not tooth borne; it is supported by denture bearing soft oral tissues. Its flexible framework will not resist movement from forces applied to the denture.
6. You should not chew hard food with your flexible dentures. It is also not indicated for patients who exhibit symptoms of TMJ, or who are known bruxers.
7. Its denture base rests only on the gums. As the bone resorbs, the dental prosthesis will sink below their original level. Its flexibility also enhances the rate of bone resorption.

Equipoise is a complete system of removable restorative design for dentists and dental laboratories based entirely on science and engineering principles. These principles insure that all forces direct along the long access of the tooth which has been clinically shown to strengthen the periodontal structures while protecting and preserving the abutment teeth. Equipoise can be utilized in all design scenarios; with existing dentition, with basic Equipoise crowns, semi-precision Equipoise designs, and with the hallmark Equipoise C& L precision attachments on crowns as well as implants.

Equipoise dental

equipoise dental


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