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The patient should be positioned for comfort, ., in Sims position (lying on the left side with knees and hips comfortably flexed). A chaperone and/or a drape should be provided for patient safety, comfort, and dignity. After an explanation of the procedure to the patient, several mL of surgical lubricant are placed on the examiner's glove, usually on the index finger. The examiner visually inspects the anus and perineum, then places the gloved finger on the anal opening while asking the patient to bear down gently. After the finger enters the anus, it is used to sweep circumferentially around the interior of the distal intestine. It is then directed anteriorly (when examining a male patient) to evaluate the consistency, size, and nodularity of the prostate gland. Samples of stool obtained during the exam may be sent to the lab to test them for the presence of occult blood.

Just in time for the holidays, Tchaikovsky's beloved  Nutcracker Ballet  returns on Thursday, November 30th, at 7:30pm with the dazzling Eugene Ballet. Live music by the Idaho Falls Symphony brings the magical story to life— for one night only —with sets and costumes by former Disney designers plus expert choreography and professional dancers. The Idaho Falls School of Ballet has organized local dancers to perform student roles in the production, offering a unique side-by-side opportunity with the Eugene Ballet, and the Hillcrest Varsity Chorale will join the Symphony for the iconic Waltz of the Snowflakes. A morning school will be performed by the Symphony and Eugene Ballet for 1,900 local elementary school students.

And that’s still true. Mr. Puiu’s film was an early sign of the flowering of Romanian cinema that would bring international acclaim to young auteurs like Cristian Mungiu (“4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”) and Corneliu Porumboiu (“Police, Adjective”). Like his colleagues (and sometime rivals), Mr. Puiu uses long takes and minimal camera movement to create a sense of lived reality that is absorbing almost to the point of claustrophobia. He zeroes in remorselessly on the petty absurdities and large iniquities that define life in Romania more than a decade after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu’s Communist dictatorship.

Equipoise facebook

equipoise facebook


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