Festool 300 eq plus

As other posts are correct the GKT 55 GCE is indeed the same as the Mafell MT 55CE. Other posts talk about Bosch bringing it to the US and why they have not done so. I understand through a Bosch executive that there are two reasons at the moment, one is that the market is sufficiently supplied with Festool and Dewalt and two is that there is an agreement to protect Mafell’s distributor in the US, Timberwolf Tools in Maine, http:// . I could not find out how much longer the agreement is good for but in typical product roll outs there is a protection period then it disappears so I would guess in the next several years Bosch will bring it to the US under the Bosch name.

Festool 300 eq plus

festool 300 eq plus


festool 300 eq plusfestool 300 eq plusfestool 300 eq plusfestool 300 eq plusfestool 300 eq plus