Low t center cost

Changing Lives Foundation Private Group (Facebook) A place for families and friends of a person struggling with alcohol or drug abuse/addiction—to post, discuss and help each other. This is a closed group where anyone can join—and safely post without fear of “the world” being able to see. Click on link, ask to join and someone will sign you in

The Addict’s Mom: Sharing Without Shame A group focusing on the mothers of addicted children. The relationship between the mother and addicted child is unique; that does not diminish the experiences of other family members. Join one of their many online communities—The Addict’s Mom, The Addict, The Addict’s Dad, The Single Addict’s Mom

FOB (Friends of Bill) A social network specifically designed for alcoholics and addicts. Connect with new friends from all over the world who are just like you. New, easy online instant chat!

Wage stagnation has been a staple of economic analysis and commentary for a while now, though perhaps predictably there’s little agreement about what’s driving it. One theory is that rising benefit costs — particularly employer-provided health insurance  — may be constraining employers’ ability or willingness to raise wages. According to BLS-generated cost indexes for wages/salaries and total benefits, benefit costs have risen about 60% since 2001 (when the data series began), versus about 37% for wage and salary costs. (Those indexes do not take inflation into account.)

Low t center cost

low t center cost


low t center costlow t center costlow t center costlow t center costlow t center cost