Natural ways to enhance testosterone

Regular physical activity helps to improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation, boost confidence, improve energy levels and ease stress and tension. People with anxiety can benefit from exercises like yoga and tai chi  because they promote relaxation and involve deep breathing techniques that help to reduce stress and muscle tension. A 2012 review published in Alternative Medicine Review found that of the 35 trials that addressed the effects of yoga on anxiety and stress, 25 of them noted a significant decrease in stress and anxiety symptoms as a result of practicing yoga. ( 22 ) In fact,  yoga changes your brain by impacting your GABA levels and suppressing neural activity. Besides yoga and tai chi, you can practice other exercises that help to calm the body. For example, running, walking or hiking outdoors, lifting weights and even dancing can help to combat stress.

[…] This has been spotty, at best. There are days when I do ok, maybe close to 6-8 glasses of water, and days where I have no idea how much or how little I’ve taken in. I used to drink Crystal Light, and that was how I got my water intake, but I’ve decided to give that up and switch to plain water. Why? Well because one day I looked in the bottom of a pitcher of crystal light I made and saw this weird filmy stuff. Then I looked at my water bottle and realized this is probably the same stuff that collects at its bottom. I realized then that if it looked gross at the bottom of the container, it must look even grosser when it’s in my body. I did a little more research into Crystal Light, trying to figure out what the heck is in it…and I found a whole lot of info on aspartame. This stuff seems to be pretty nasty when it comes to the possible effects it has on the body. So with Crystal Light out of the picture, that leave me to regular water. I did do a little research into different ways one can flavor water, and I came across some of these articles: Homemade Flavored Water and 32 Natural Ways to Flavor Water […]

Natural ways to enhance testosterone

natural ways to enhance testosterone


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