Problems with low testosterone

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Hi Vixen I am trying to take onboard your advice. I have known for a while that I have not been getting the nutrients I need. It's hard when nothing tastes the same and there is always that fear of an attack. As it is only 2 weeks to my op I am trying to eat some fruit etc. as well as my wholemeal toast. I always try to ensure I have some protein too. Not feeling too good today but think it may be more a hayfever issue. I have now lost 3st 6lbs and the greyness of my skin is making me look older than my 61 years (in my view). My hubbie says he always knows when I am not well just by looking at my face. I have been trying to lose weight for most of my 40 years marriage to no avail and then it just drops off.

Problems with low testosterone

problems with low testosterone


problems with low testosteroneproblems with low testosteroneproblems with low testosteroneproblems with low testosteroneproblems with low testosterone