Sexual hormones definition

Don's Comments : It's fascinating to see how many organizations, agencies, and even the media will report the correlation between the earlier onset of menstruation in young girls and the increased risk of breast cancer, but go on to say that the exact mechanism is "unknown", when the exact mechanism is definitely known ! It's hormones from animal products, mostly milk products. But saying so would severely hurt multi-billion dollar industries, so they simply report the problem and then raise money to research it, and raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. Money may make the world go 'round, but it won't cure breast cancer. The cure for the breast cancer epidemic is:

I’m 48 and almost 6 wks post-op (lack 3 days). My diagnosis was the same and the constant back pain. The only difference is I was considered post-menopausal (15 months with period, estrogen level of 3). Since for some reason my body was periodically responding to flucations in my level, I ended up with d&c at 18month mark due to pain & spotting. The back pain remained & 2 months later spotting again that’s when they gave me my diagnosis and treatment options 1. Continue along as I currently was (back pain & sporadic spotting due to flucations in estrogen). 2. Pills (low dose BC or provera) which I hated as they killed my sex drive. Had a tubal at 22, but was on BC from 16 to 45/46 years old due to dysfunctional bleeding or 3. TLH surgery (they left my ovaries). I guess what I’m trying to say is no you don’t have to have a hysterectomy for this but than again you don’t have to for cancer either. You need to ask what other options are there and then decide if the benefits/side effects of each treatment outweighs the same with the other treatment options. No one can make the decision for you (. my husband was against due to my mast cell disorder). I told him “I hear and understand your concerns, but this is the treatment plan I’m doing because for me the other two options suck.” BTW I got here trying to find info on vaginal canal being more sensitive during sex after surgery..

Little research has been conducted on the effect of hormones on reproduction motivation for same-sex sexual contact. One study observed the relationship between sexual reproduction motivation in lesbian and bisexual women and period-related changes in circulating estrogen concentrations. [19] Lesbian women who were at the estrogen peak of their fertile cycle reported increased reproduction motivation for sexual contact with women, whereas bisexual women reported only a slight increase in same-sex motivated sexual contact during peak estrogen levels. Interestingly, both lesbian and bisexual women showed decreases in reproduction motivation for other-sex sexual contact at peak estrogen levels, with greater changes in the bisexual group than the lesbian group.

Sexual hormones definition

sexual hormones definition


sexual hormones definitionsexual hormones definitionsexual hormones definitionsexual hormones definitionsexual hormones definition