Test e and eq cutting cycle

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Bankers don't want to know what you did (we can guess that from the title of your job), but they want  to know what you learnt and achieved through your experience. Therefore, be results-oriented and  use numbers. For example, do not write the all too common M&A internship description: "Performed  valuation using DCF, comparables analysis, calculated WACC, and did benchmarking for associates  in the group." Do write: "Led the valuation of a $700 million technology company under associate  supervision, which involved building a complex operating model from scratch, full WACC analysis,  and benchmarking of 25 companies in four countries." What is the difference? The good version  gives more concrete details and clearly demonstrated the complexity of what you were doing. More  interesting details will catch the banker's attention and also prove that you understand what you  were doing. Note that this also works for any other kind of experience. Another example: Do not  write: "Researched the consumer goods industry and helped partner writing industry reports." Do  write: "Supported partner's analysis of the consumer good industry by identifying and benchmarking  key performance indicators of 50+ retail companies across the UK."

Test e and eq cutting cycle

test e and eq cutting cycle


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