Test eq clen cycle

A first example of a CDM IGCC project in preparation is China's first self-developed IGCC power station which is scheduled to go online in Tianjin in 2011. This would be the first IGCC plant outside the industrialized world (Wuck and Michaelowa, 2010). The plant will have a capacity of 250 MWh. The Tianjin IGCC project is a major part of the Green Coal Power Program initiated by Huaneng Group in 2004 and supported by seven large State-owned enterprises involved in power generation, coal resources and investment, jointly founded a company to implement the program (China Daily, 2010).

The equalizer is definitely the most important piece of equipment in your audio rack! Most transceivers do an excellent job of passing all the midrange frequencies between 300Hz ~ usually with an added dominance between 500Hz ~ 800Hz. Unfortunately, most stock transmitters roll-off the bass frequencies below about 150Hz and down, as well as the high frequencies above about and up. So, we need to do basically three things:

* Reduce the Midrange
* Increase the Bass
* Increase the Treble

Taking a look once again at GRAPH 1 and GRAPH 2 above, you can see what an EQ can accomplish when set up. Below is a graphical representation of what EQing I had to implement in order to get some flatness out of my Kenwood TS-850S/DSP-100 after passing through its . and DSP filtering.

Test eq clen cycle

test eq clen cycle


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