Testosterone medicine

In the Malaysian capitol of Kuala Lumpur, I met with Dr Ismail Tambi, who runs the Human Reproduction Specialist Center. Dr. Tamby is one of the foremost experts on reproductive health in all of Southeast Asia, and is also the leading medical expert on the effects of Tongkat Ali root extract on human subjects. In his work with men, Dr Tamby has found that use of Tongkat ali extract significantly increases testosterone production. “In our studies, we found that Tongkat ali extract increased the serum level of testosterone considerably.” I asked Dr Tamby if the men in his study experienced renewed sexual vitality, or heightened sexual desire. “Oh, yes, most definitely. The men found that Tongkat Ali boosted their sex drive quite a lot. I think that for low libido, Tongkat Ali extract is very valuable. I have seen this result for myself, and can say that this plant really works.” I asked Dr Tamby if the same would apply to women, who secrete only about 5 – 10% as much testosterone as men. “Yes, it certainly should boost libido in women as well, as testosterone is essential to a woman’s sexual desire. Women have used Tongkat Ali for a very long time in this culture,” he added.

Fenugreek extract / powder at a daily dose of 500mg per day can bring in multitude health benefits like improved immunity, better digestive health, increased lactation in nursing mothers , increased vitality, reduction in body fat, improvement in body composition, increased muscle strength and enhanced reproductive function. There are few reports on the anti diabetic properties of the fenugreek seed extract implicating its positive role in managing auto immune disorders. Stacking fenugreek supplements with other mineral and vitamin supplements not only improves the testosterone levels and muscle strength it also improves general wellness.

            o  increased urination at night
            o  trouble starting your urine stream
            o  having to pass urine many times during the day
            o  having an urge that you have to go to the bathroom right away
            o  having a urine accident
            o  being unable to pass urine or weak urine flow

Testosterone medicine

testosterone medicine


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