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I wish I'd read this earlier, I found that there wasn't a lot of advice post surgery as to do what when, to my demise!

7 months ago I had labral tear repair, osteochondroplasty and a cam shave. Was given crutches for 4 weeks and told to start hydrotherapy immediately, I even had my first session in the hospital the day after the surgery. All went well to begin with and 2 weeks in, I was much improved. At this point I decided to freestyle my rehabilitation and do a "light" session in the gym doing some unweighted squats, dynamic bridges and leg extensions. Major mistake! Pain was excruciating and got worse for a 2 days. I ended up being on crutches for 6 weeks and then back to work. The hip was painful every day with recovery at a snails pace. I thought that I might have retorn it but an MRI scan suggested not. 3 Months later, the pain still really bad, tried injections but they didn't last long at all.

Eventually the surgeon decided that It might be torn again and I agreed to another arthroscope. This was 4 weeks ago. The surgeon reported that the original stitches had held but a new part of the labrum had torn, so he repaired that too. This time 2 weeks on crutches and all was progressing really well. Every so often a slight flare up if over doing the bike (on no resistance) or too long in the pool but nothing severe. Then 2 days ago I stupidly attempted to lift up my bed whilst kneeling, big flare up! Not in the same league as before but a fair step backwards, just icing and hoping for the best now! You literally can't get away with anything post surgery...

I think the best advice on this site is to take your time and don't rush recovery! I'd recommend getting a week by week advice plan from your physio and don't stray from it...

Testoterone injection

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