Ways to naturally boost testosterone

Most people have figured out that if they drink a cup of coffee too late in the afternoon or in the evening, they don’t sleep as well that evening. While coffee beans are loaded with melatonin, much of their beneficial effects are neutralized by the caffeine. (14) Caffeine is a stimulant and has been linked to a reduction in melatonin levels. Having a small amount of caffeine in the morning may help reduce melatonin production, but drinking excessive amounts of coffee or caffeinated beverages during the day can decrease melatonin production over time. (12,14)

I’ve discovered an awesome way to increase the nutritional potency of a salad. Please try this a couple times to see if it has the same effect on you. I have been making a caesar salad “undressing” with probiotic yogurt and the results are amazing. The yogurt is a base instead of soy or canola. I add all the standard flavourings; Apple cider vinegar, garlic etc. Then I put it on an arugula salad containing about half a package of arugula and some seeds, dried cranberries etc. Arugula has the highest nitrate content and the probiotics activate the nitric oxide process immediately. This means in 4 hours I get the maximum boost possible leading to super increase in energy. I also get a the most powerful erection ever, consistently every time. It’s a great pump for a workout and good for the heart. The oil in a salad is the unhealthiest part of a salad. But probiotics increase the nitric oxide activity of your gut.

Ways to naturally boost testosterone

ways to naturally boost testosterone


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